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Custom QR barcodes for websites, print media and mobile (iphone/android)

Why is Corplite QR Different

All static QR Codes made using Corplite QR are entirely generated within your own browser, using Javascript. No data is ever sent to our servers and the images used do not get uploaded and stored. This ensures that QR Codes containing potentially confidential information such as WiFi passwords, CryptoCurrency wallets, or private Contact Details can not be recorded, or tampered with.

This means you can have confidence that when generating a code for say your Wi-Fi login details, you can be confident that your privacy and security remains intact.

Don’t just take our word for it

In this day and age, it’s always worth verifying the data contained in any QR Code you generate. We recommend the Binary Eye application for Android and iOS, as this shows you the RAW binary data contained in the QR Code so you can be absolutely certain that the image contains precisely the data you want.

Feature Rich, yet easy to use with zero prior experience

Save your QR codes with a single click

Unlike other online QR Code generators that require you to sign-up for an account, or provide personal information in order to download the QR Code, with Corplite QR your QR Code can be downloaded in full resolution, or as a vector graphic with a single click, no questions asked.

All the formats you need

  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG

  • Corplite QR is one of only a small number of QR Generators able to create real SVG vector files. SVG is the preferred format of the print industry, allowing your QR code to be scaled up or down with no loss of quality. So the same QR Code, when saved as an SVG, can be used on a business card or a billboard, with a perfect printed result every time.

    Customizable Output Format

    Corplite QR lets you personalize your QR codes, with the following great features to give your QR Code a unique eye-catching look.

  • Add a custom logo
  • Add a custom background image
  • Custom Dot Pitch
  • Customize the colors of QR Code elements

  • Simple and Straightforward User Interface

    Custom designed by Corplite’s UX specialists, the interface is simple and straightforward, providing a fast, no-fuss, experience, and logical separation between the essential fields and advanced customization features, with sensible defaults ensuring that the QR Codes you generate will read reliably, without the need to delve into the technical details.

    Extensively Tested

    We’ve tested Corplite QR on a wide range of Apple, Android, and other mobile device platforms to make sure that our codes read quickly and reliably, regardless of the device used to scan them.

    Do more with your QR Codes

    In addition to building world-class apps and websites, Corplite is a full-service Design and Print consultancy. Take advantage of some of the great offers below to put your QR Codes to work for you.